Onsite Vending Opportunities

2018 Retail and Food Vendor Applications will be released before the end of March 2018.

Links to the 2018 Vendor Applications will be available HERE prior to April 1.

Food Vendors:
Are you interested in getting a City of Chicago 180 Day Special Event License? You can click here for the Food Booth 180 Day License Application form. Send that application form to greg.adams@cityofchicago.org and pay the City directly ($250) for the License. Once you receive your actual 180 Day Special Event License you will be able to attach it to the 2018 Do Division Food Vendor Application (and use the same license for the season at other events). Food Trucks, please click here for  the Food Truck 180 Day License Application form.

If you do not get a 180 Day Special Event License, you will need to submit a City of Chicago Single Event Food License Application form with your 2018 Do Division Vendor Application and there will be an additional $75 fee added to your Fest Vendor Fees. Click the links below for the Single Event Food Vendor License Application or the Single Event Food TRUCK Vendor License Application for Do Division Street Fest 2018.  You can fill out those Single Event License Application forms to have ready to upload with the 2018 Do Division Street Fest Food Vendor Application when they are released. (Do not send Single Event License Applications directly to the City, Do Division producers will submit the Single Event License Applications to the City altogether and make the fee payments).

Download PDF Do Division 2018 Single Event Food TRUCK License Application

Download PDF Do Division 2018 Single Event Food VENDOR License Application

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